Threats to macOS users

By Mikhail Kuzin, Tatyana Shcherbakova, Tatyana Sidorina, Vitaly Kamluk on September 11, 2019. 10:00 am


The belief that there are no threats for the macOS operating system (or at least no serious threats) has been bandied about for decades. The owners of MacBooks and iMacs are only rivaled by Linux users in terms of the level of confidence in their own security, and we must admit that they are right to a certain degree: compared to Windows-based systems, there are far fewer threats that target macOS. However, the main reason for this is the number of potential victims: there are many more computers running Windows than those running macOS. However, the situation is changing, since the popularity of the latter platform is growing. Due to this and despite all the efforts that have been taken by the company, the threat landscape for Apple devices is changing, and the amount of malicious and unwanted software is growing.

For the purposes of this report we used the statistics from Kaspersky Security Network cloud infrastructure. It stores information about all of the malicious programs and other threats that our macOS product users agreed to anonymously share with us. In fact, all these threats at some point attacked the computers of Kaspersky security solution users, but these attacks were successfully repelled.